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PhysX on NVIDIA only? - Not anymore! PhysX on Radeon
As you may know, NVIDIA's GT200 Series cards now offer embedded PhysX courtesy of a recent driver update. It has been assumed for a while now that the advancement of PhysX support on graphics cards was primarily at the hardware/technology level, with corresponding drivers released to make use of it. Well according to our source and Eran Badit of NGOHQ, this appears to have been somewhat of a fallacy.
Having spent some time digging deep into NVIDIA's CUDA SDK and PhysX SDK, he has found a way to enable the PhysX layer on HD 3800 series ATI Radeon cards! - A run of 3DMark Vantage confirms it is indeed working, boosting his CPU score to 22,606 and final P score over 450 points higher than without the use of PhysX.

Once tested on other cards and platforms to be deemed a success, Eran intends to offer the ATI PhysX-enabling utility on his site
Sadly it appears that ATI's HD 4800 family won't be supported (at the moment anyway) as available samples are not forthcoming.
Read more about Eran's efforts here
I wonder what NVIDIA are thinking right about now?
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