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Pioneer Europe today announces that it has succeeded in confirming the viability of a 20-layer optical disc. OC3D Official Press Release Logo
Pioneer Europe today announces that it has succeeded in confirming the viability of a 20-layer optical disc. Each layer of the disc can store 25GB of information to provide a mammoth 500GB of storage.

The news follows the International Symposium on Optical Memory and Optical (ISOM) Data Storage (held July 13-17 in Hawaii), where Pioneer presented its research, receiving the "Best Paper Award" for its work in defining draft specifications for the 500 GB disc. The ISOM had previously outlined the industry objective of creating a 20-layer disc to be available between 2010-2012.

Says Brendan Sheridan, Product Manager, Pioneer Europe NV, Multimedia Division: ‘With its strong support among the gaming, movie and PC industries, Blu-ray has become the de facto next generation storage system. While Blu-ray discs (BD), offering both 25GB and 50BG, are sufficient for users’ current demands, we envision the need for a technology that can support far greater capacities as HD streaming in particular becomes commonplace and users build larger files of digital content. The multi-layered method is compatible with Blu-ray devices providing a long term future for the technology and is more easily produced when compared to competing technologies such as holographic storage.’

One of the technical issues addressed by Pioneer was the problem of ‘crosstalk’ between the separate layers of optical media. Due to the close proximity of the layers, data from one layer could interfere with that from another layer. By applying proprietary technology developed for its BD products and by stacking two different thickness of layers alternatively, interlayer crosstalk was reduced, thus further confirming the feasibility of 20-layer optical discs.

As for the read-out system, Pioneer achieved stability in the playback of recorded signals by employing a wide-range spherical aberration compensator and light-receiving element that can read out weak signals at a high signal-to-noise ratio in the optical pick-up mechanism. Pioneer has achieved this while ensuring that the optical specifications of the objective lens, are the same as those for the existing BD discs, so ensuring compatibility between the new multi-layer optical discs and existing BD media.

Pioneer will work with the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) to formalize the specification for the new media and will advise on costs and availability in due course.
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