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Official Press Release

Official Press Release

Pioneer Europe today announces the availability of two new internal DVD writers. The DVR-112 multi-format drive and, the DVR-112D dual-format drive, integrate a wide range of technologies to optimise DVD writing. The speedy siblings also set new performance benchmarks by writing at 18X speed to write once DVD media (DVD-R and +R) and 10X speed to write once Dual Layer / Double Layer (DL) media (DVD-R DL and +R DL). The products also offer the surety of the Pioneer brand, delivering high read/write accuracy and stability.

“Quality and innovation is accepted as given from a Pioneer drive but we’re also committed to being very price competitive too. The new range embodies this commitment,” says Chris Tampsett, Senior Manager, Pioneer Europe Multimedia Division. “They’re comparable in price to the market’s most aggressive brands, while offering exceptional performance that improves the customer experience: DVD drives are increasingly used to play music and watch movies - these writers are extremely quiet, including smart technologies to enhance such multimedia applications. They’re practical too; a user can write 4 hours of standard footage or 2 hours of high quality footage to a Dual / Double Layer disc in approximately ten and a half minutes. All round, they stand as a compelling buy.”

Five models will be available upon release:

* DVR-112: Multi-format drive (DVD-RAM read and write), beige front bezel
* DVR-112BK: Multi-format drive (DVD-RAM read and write), black front bezel
* DVR-112D: Dual-format drive (DVD-RAM read-only), beige front bezel
* DVR-112DBK: Dual-format drive (DVD-RAM read-only), black front bezel
* DVR-112DSV: Dual-format drive (DVD-RAM read-only), silver front bezel

The writers will be available on an OEM basis in PCs from February 2007. The writers can also be purchased from Pioneer’s distribution network from February 2007.

Pioneer DVR-112D

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