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PlayTV For PS3 Priced For UK Sony's PlayTV
For those couch potatoes amongst us who love nothing better than being able to watch, pause and record live TV, it appears that Sony's PlayTV will arrive as expected come September. Sony's PlayTV is a twin channel TV tuner peripheral with PVR software that lets PS3 users have control over their television in much the same fashion as Tivo.
Similar to the 'Series Link' on Sky+ - and other services - you'll be able to record entire series simply, at the touch of a button. The extra incentive is the fact that recorded TV can be streamed via Wi-Fi to your PSP via Remote Play and, you'll even be able to record TV while you are gaming on the console.
The PlayTV unit will hit the hip pocket a little at a smidgeon over £70. Admittedly it isn't a huge amount of cash, but it is a little dearer than many expected
Will the 40GB HDD on the PS3 be enough to handle hardcore recording on the PlayTV, or should it ship with a beefier amount of storage?
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