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Author: Matt Krei
Source: PlayXpert

Official Press Release

Sandpoint, ID –March 1, 2007- PLAYXPERT, LLC, provider of next-generation in-game community management tools, today announced the beta version of the most significant in-game toolset available for Massively Multiplayer Online (“MMO”) gamers, the PLAYXPERTTM, will be available for preview at theGame Developer Conference, March 5-9 2007, at the IBM booth, #438.

The PLAYXPERT enables gamers to:

*Manage and stay connected to their virtual communities while in game
*Quickly access necessary tools like Thottbot and Allakhazam while in game
*Enjoy an optimized community experience via integrated community management tools -Use community-developed ‘widgets’ extending the behavior of the PLAYXPERT

With PLAYXPERT, gamers can send IM's to any friend across any chat network (AIM,MSN, Yahoo orXFire), browse the net, monitor hardware stats (temp, process list, RAM, etc..), use Thottbot or Allakhazam to get an upper hand in a difficult game situation, control music players like WinAmp or iTunes to listen to music,manage all community aspects of their clan, all this through modular widgets accessed without leaving the game. The PLAYXPERT helps reduce time spent swapping between browsers, searches, and the game client,allowing the player to enjoy the gaming experience rather than wasting time juggling disparate systems. The PLAYXPERT eliminates the horror of alt-tab.

In addition to providing outstanding tools for gamers, the PLAYXPERT is a completely customizable platformgiving gamers the freedom to choose just the right series of tools to enhance their gaming experience. PLAYXPERT has published their widget application programming interface (API) so that community-builtwidgets can be delivered for the PLAYXPERT ecosystem.

“Gamers are a diverse global community who place a priority on game quality and their overall experience while in-game. We created the PLAYXPERT to fill a significant need that exists today – and we believe weexecuted very nicely against that need.” said Charles Manning, CEO of PLAYXPERT. “PLAYXPERT enriches gaming experience by empowering players to do more while in-game, enabling them to visualize andleverage their rich social fabric that ties them together with other gamers across games and across clans or guilds, and finally by providing a general purpose overlay architecture so that anyone can build widgets thatgamers can use. Building a widget can take 30 minutes. We’ve made it possible to have a community of developers build widgets for gamers without having to deal with the significant challenges of in-game overlayengineering. Our Patent-Pending technology brings overlay to the masses and brings massive choice of tools to the game players so they can play like an expert.”

“PLAYXPERT and Affinity Media are both committed to providing gamers with innovative tools and contentthat improve their game play,” said John Maffei, Senior Vice President of Affinity Media. “We are excited to offer our content from Thottbot, and soon Allakhazam, through PLAYXPERT’s in-game tools.”The beta version of the PLAYXPERT will be available to the Inner Circle, the PLAYXPERT invitation-only community via For information on how to become a member of the Inner Circlecommunity ask a friend for an invite or visit A preview of the product will be available atthe Game Developer Conference, March 5-9 2007, at the IBM booth, #438.

PLAYXPERT, LLC is the provider of next-generation in-game community management tools which address a core need in the growing Massively Multiplayer Online Game (“MMOG”) market. The Company is focused ondelivering the technology gamers want to enrich their community experience and allow them to engage in their favorite activities (forum posts, chat, music control, or monitoring system diagnostics) while in-game.PLAYXPERT is a completely customizable platform giving gamers the freedom to choose just the right series of tools to enhance their gaming experience. PLAYXPERT has published their widget applicationprogramming interface (API) so that community-built widgets can be delivered for the PLAYXPERT ecosystem.
PLAYXPERT, LLC has been developing the PLAYXPERTTM since July 2006. The company is headquarteredin Sandpoint, Idaho. For more information, please visit

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