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Plextor is coming to the UK with its high-performance solid state drives, with the launch of its second generation M2S series SSDs next month. With this, Plextor is officially entering the SSD sector in the UK and Europe, where it hopes to become a pioneer in the coming future. According to Plextor, the new M2S drives will among the fastest available in the market once they are launched.

The manufacturer will be launched the 2.5” internal M2S Series SSDs in three capacities of 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB respectively. The drives will be among the first to support the new SATA III 6Gbps interface. Additionally, Plextor has included exclusive technologies in the drives that boost their speed, stability, and lifespan. The manufacturer claims that the SSDs offer up to 10 years of undiminished performance.

The new SSDs boast of read and write speeds of up to 480MB/sec and 330MB/sec respectively, speeds that are significantly higher than other SSDs currently available and making these the fastest SSDs in the market. The reason behind such exceptional speeds is the new server-grade Marvell 88SS9174 control chip that Plextor has used in designing these drives. The chip not only adds to the read/write speeds of the M2S SSDs, but also provides them extended lifespan and higher stability.

To keep things moving smoothly, the M2S drives have also been equipped with 128MB of DDR3 cache, which further enhances their speed capabilities. Plextor has included its unique Instant Restore Technology in the drive design so that users have an intelligent solution that prevents performance loss and boosts longevity. There is also the latest Windows 7 TRIM command, which allows users to efficiently carry out data-wiping. Dynamic Wear Levelling technology on the other hand writes data into equal blocks so that the number of memory wipe-outs required is significantly reduced.

For the tech-savvy home and business users, Plextor has gone a step ahead to make migration from HDD to SSD easier by providing the Acronis True Image Software. With the software, users can quickly and easily clone their entire partition or drive and transfer the same to their new SSD without having to worry about data loss or OS re-install.

All M2S drives will carry a 3 year on-site warranty from Plextor, with after sales service provided directly by the manufacturer rather than third parties or retailers. All three drives are expected to launch in Europe and the UK in March 2011, with pricing details to be announced at the launch.

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