Possible specs for AMD’s Radeon HD 7990 revealed? Page: 1

It seems like only yesterday that AMD’s HD 6990 came out and ate its way through the OC3D benchmarks, but the rumor mill is already churning out information on it’s successor, the HD 7990.

HW-Lab.com have posted an article here, revealing a seriously impressive spec sheet.

To quote HW-Lab on the specs of the card; “The video card is said to provide the computing power of up to 12.16 and 3.04 TFLOPS for single-precision and double precision, respectively. This gives an approximate of 58% percent increase over same capabilities of Radeon HD 6990. Performance config of the future novelty will feature around 6400 Stream Processors, 3200 SPs per GPU, which is almost two times more than Radeon HD 6970 has. Due to 384-bit memory bus combined with 6 GB of high-speed GDDR5 RAM, the memory bandwidth of Radeon HD 7990 will number an outstanding 576GB/s, of course with some help from PCIe 3.0.”

Another interesting thing is the power consumption, quoted at 300w full load, down from the monstrous 450w of the 6990, and less than the 365w GTX 590.

Obviously these aren’t official specs from AMD, so could be subject to a lot of change, but they show a promising future for gamers and benchers alike.

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