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Powercolor 7990 Devil 13 Preview

The new arrival....

Every once in a while it really is worth us posting previews of products that have just landed in the office. This would have been live much sooner but we had some hard core Olympic level rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock to see who would get to do the preview and the main review. In true Sheldon style I manipulated the rules and won (that's good right?)

Anyways lets take a look at the cards specification's before moving onto the preview video.



Graphics EngineRADEON HD7990
Video Memory6GB GDDR5
Engine Clock925MHz / 1000MHz
Memory Clock1375MHz x 4 (5.5Gbps)
Memory Interface384bit X2
DirectX® Support11.1
Bus StandardPCIE 3.0
Standard Display ConnecorsDL DVI-I / SL DVI-D / HDMI / 2 X mini DisplayPort
Feature Support
CrossFireX™ TechnologySupport
ATI Stream TechnologySupport
ATI Eyefinity TechnologySupport
ATI Hypermemory Technology 
Display Support
VGA OutputYes, By DVI to VGA converter
DisplayPortOn Board(mini DP) x2
HDMIOn Board
TV Output 
HDTV Output 
HDCP SupportSupport
Maximum Resolution
Power Specs + Board Dimensions
Board Dimensions315mmx140mmx60mm
Minimum System Power requirement (W)850W
Extention Power Connectorthree 8-pin PCI Express Power connectors

Video Preview


It seems strange that the custom cards are available before AMD release their own 7990... Does this mean there will not be one? Only time will tell, for the moment all we care about is how well the Devil 13 7990 performs in the OC3D barrage of tests. Be sure to check back soon for the full review, until then you can discuss your thoughts in the OC3D Forums.