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AMD graphics card specialist TUL Corporation today upgraded their PowerColor PCS+ series of graphics card with the addition of the PCS+ HD6870 card. According to the manufacturer, the card is factory overclocked and outfitted with some serious cooling power to allow it to be pushed further.

The PCS series from PowerColor has been highly successful due to its top-notch cooling solution plus extraordinary overclocking capabilities. Now TUL has brought these same capabilities to the latest HD6870 cards. The GPU comes overclocked out of the box at 940MHz core speed, with the memory set to run at 1100MHz. The 256-bit, 1GB DDR5 memory ensures there is no lag in graphics processing even in the most demanding of applications and games.

The combination is quite capable of boosting data transmission rates all the way to 4.4Gbps. Such heavy data transfers of course need rock-solid cooling, which has been taken care of with the PowerColor Professional Cooling Solution. The PCS+ HD6870 comes equipped with a 92mm cooling fan that creates terrific airflow. The 3 pure copper heat pipes channelize this airflow over all components to provide extraordinary cooling with total heat dissipation via the copper base.

Compared to the reference card, the PCS+ solution keeps the PowerColor GPU cooler by as much as 15%, leaving lot of room for overclocking and tweaking. So while the card is factory overclocked, enthusiasts will still be able to draw more out of their cards to maximize performance.

TUL Corporation has also bundled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game with the package to sweeten the deal further for enthusiasts. All eyes are now on the pricing for the card, which should hopefully be announced soon with the availability.

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PowerColor PCS+ Radeon HD6870 Card