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Taiwan-based TUL Corporation today announced the launch of the world’s first water cooled Radeon HD6970 graphics card under its PowerColor brand. Dubbed the PowerColor Liquid Cooling Solution (LCS) HD6970, the card aims, according to the manufacturer, to provide extraordinary thermal performance to enhance overclocking ability while allowing optimum system stability.

TUL has gone with the highly acclaimed EKwaterblocks cooling system for its new LCS offering. The full water block mounted on the card covers all key components including the GPU, the memory modules, and the VRM. The copper base coupled with the full coverage ensures that the card temperature stays under 50°C even when it is pushed to its maximum capacity.

To achieve maximum water flow while removing any chance of leakages, PowerColor has gone with high-flow ⅜” and ½” fittings with captured o-rings. These fittings also allow card owners to fully customize their cooling system to get the maximum out of their cards.

In addition to the exceptional cooling apparatus, the PowerColor LCS HD6970 comes overclocked out of the box at 925 MHz core and 1425 MHz memory clocks. The 2GB of GDDR5 memory adds to the excitement of the card, which should carry terrific overclocking capabilities. PowerColor has also equipped the card with Volterra’s digital power solution, which should take its efficiency and output to an all new level.

“The coolest temperatures and the fastest performance is what we guarantee to add into the LCS HD6970 features,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “With all the key features come with this latest solution, we believe all these benefits can make it the best solution ever for hardcore gamers and benchmark enthusiasts.”

The overall package from TUL Corporation is a card that packs in a punch and should bring a twinkle to the eyes of gamers and enthusiasts, who undoubtedly would want to get their hands on one of these. No word on pricing or availability though.

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PowerColor LCS HD6970  PowerColor LCS HD6970