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PowerColor Hits Up GDDR4 For HD 4850
Just when you thought the HD 4850 couldn't get any better, PowerColor shows they had something up their sleeve.  They're upping the ante by taking an already fantastic card and upgrading the memory from GDDR3 to GDDR4. 
This new card will be joining PowerColor's PCS+ line and thus bear a ZEROtherm GX810 cooler.  The clock speeds will be getting a bump up in speed as well, with the core going up to 675MHz and the memory clocking in at 2200MHz.
This memory and speed upgrade won't cost much more than current GDDR3 variants either.  PowerColor's current HD 4850 GDDR3 PCS+ retails for $169.99.  According to Expreview, this new GDDR4 variation will cost around $183.
Currently there is no word on when these cards with hit retailers' shelves.
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How do you think this GDDR4 variation will compare to its GDDR3 counterparts?
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