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TUL Corporation today announced the addition of the HD 6950 series cards to its PowerColor brand of graphics cards. The PowerColor PCS++ HD 6950 card comes with a unique feature; it has a dual mode BIOS setting that allows unlocking of the shaders for extra performance.

As one of the fastest cards to come out of the AMD lineup, the Radeon HD 6950 GPU has received a lot of attention. Various OEM partners have come out with their customized versions of the card to cater to the mainstream and enthusiast segments. The PowerColor PCS++ HD 6950 is the latest addition to this list, though with an interesting difference.

TUL has factory overclocked the GPU to 880MHz core speed and 1250MHz memory speed. To ensure stability at these higher speeds, the PCS++ HD 6950 has been given a dual mode BIOS that bumps up performance when needed in extreme conditions. There is also an embedded back up setting provided in the card so that it continues delivering extreme performance at all times.

Depending on requirements, gamers have the option to manually switch between these different settings. “This product is like nothing else on the market with its dual mode setting design,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. “The PCS++ HD 6950 is an innovative product with all the key features, it should be the solution which can fulfill any gamer’s demand.”

To keep the card cool in such varied performance environments, TUL has equipped the PCS++ HD 6950 with a dual-fan cooler equipped with 92mm fans and a heatsink with a full copper base. While the fans pump in more air over the GPU even at low speeds, the copper base fully covers the GPU and dissipates whatever heat is generated extremely efficiently. The overall effect is one of quietly exceptional cooling.

As has been the tradition with TUL in recent months, the PowerColor PCS++ HD 6950 card has been bundled with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game to allow gamers to immediately experience the power of their new card.

The card is expected to hit market shelves soon, though pricing details will only become available after it starts shipping.

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