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Prolimatech Samuel 17


Thousands of years ago in an angry world with no technology and limited infrastructure, stood two mighty men; David and Goliath. Despite the unfair advantage that mighty Goliath possessed, he was defeated with a single blow to the head, leaving David victorious. Today we will be taking a long hard look at a Processor cooler that is touted as David's second coming. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prolimatech Samuel 17.

Indeed if you put two and two together, you'll realise that the cooler on test today is infact a smaller than average heatsink, when compared to many of today's offerings. I suppose if one were to take a Samuel 17 to a person's head, it could induce a significant amount of damage but that would be missing the point.
In a nutshell, Prolimatech reckon that they can squeeze a serious amount of cooling performance out of a small package. To really understand what they've done, let's take a look at it's specifications.

ModelSamuel 17
Socket CompatibilityIntel Mount
AMD Mount
Socket AM2/AM3
Heatpipe Count6 Heatpipes
Heatsink Dimensions (mm)

(L)121.2mm X (W)120mmX (H)45mm

Suggested Fan Dimensions
120 x 120 x 25 (mm)
Fan Speed & NoiseFan Not Included



Nickel Plated Copper 

Sounds rather interesting no? Let's move onto the photo shoot.

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Packaging & Initial Impressions

Prolimatech's design team are a classy set of individuals. The 2010 revision of the Samuel 17 is well decorated and utilises a robust outer packaging. Inside you will find the cooler placed upside down and a secondary box concealing the multiple socket mounts for both Intel and AMD.

Prolimatech Samuel 17     Prolimatech Samuel 17

Let's take a closer look at the cooler itself. Before I continue I must stress how small this cooler really is. These close up shots, along with it's six heatpipes might fool you into thinking it's a much larger cooler. Here, David stands at a laughable height of 41mm.

Prolimatech Samuel 17    

Prolimatech Samuel 17     Prolimatech Samuel 17

To the left and right of the cooler, there are two metal strips that allow you to fit a 120mm fan of your choice. Do remember that this cooler isn't designed for passive operation and as such, you will have to purchase a fan to complement it.

Prolimatech Samuel 17

Samuel 17's heatsink base is flat and scratch free. Assuming the processor's heatspreader is sufficiently flat, this will offer excellent surface contact.

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Intel Core i3 530 Processor (2.93GHz 133 x 22 1.20V | 3.60GHz 165 x 22 1.25V | 4.00GHz 182x22 1.30V )
Asus P7H57D-V EVO Motherboard
Corsair Platinum 4GB
Asus Radeon HD 5870 1GB GDDR5
Corsair HX850w
Windows 7 Ultimate x64



Armed with our Core i3 processor, we then set about ascertaining the Samuel 17's cooling ability. Today we'll be comparing this cooler against the Noctua NH-C12P. For a fair test we have used the C12P's 140mm fan at both 9V and 12V speeds. 

Across the board, we saw a 12*c difference in load temperatures between the Noctua NH-C12P and the Prolimatech Samuel 17 cooler. When one considers that the Noctua is over twice as tall and up to three centimetres wider and deeper, these results truly are fantastic. Let's conclude

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So is the Prolimatech Samuel 17 a modern day David? Erm, well not quite. The inevitable result is that a larger tower cooler will outpace this cooler with ease. This however is not the cooler's aim; try performance per cubic centimetre. For those that want a cooler for their small form factor machine, then this is most certainly for you.

As's token Mini ITX nerd, I certainly appreciate the importance of coolers such as these. Every day, many users choose to downsize their machines and with more power efficient processors and highly capable motherboards, this is now possible. That said, all of these chassis will restrict the choice of coolers to a certain degree (pun not intended)

The Prolimatech Samuel 17 makes it possible to install a cooling solution for your Core i3/i5, overclock to 4.00GHz with relative ease (your mileage may vary) and do so having used no more than 70mm in vertical space. With the right ambient temperatures it may well be possible to use this cooler with more powerful Core i5/i7 processors, however overclocking will be heavily restricted.

Today you will struggle to find one of these coolers on sale in the UK, however it is on sale in Germany for 39 Euros inclusive of VAT. Given today's exchange rate, we believe that the Samuel will be available for around £35, which for it's selling points is quite reasonable.

We are glad to see that Prolimatech have taken the initiative to widen their product portfolio to cater for low profile machines and succeed. Because of this we are happy to give the Samuel 17 our recommended award.

The Good
- Excellent sub 95W CPU Performance
- Low Profile
- Ease of Installation

The Mediocre
- None

The Bad
- None 


Thanks to Case King for the sample today, you can discuss our findings in the forums.