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Sony has given word that they will be limiting 3D-enabled games to a resolution of 720p. The news came last week from Sony representative Simon Benson at the Develop Conference. The reasoning behind this is, despite the fact that the PS3 is capable of rendering a 1080p 3D image pair, doing so would impact the console's ability to maintain a play-worthy frame rate of 60fps.

This certainly comes as a disappointment to those enthusiasts with a discerning eye, but Benson was quick to make assurances that even trained professionals have difficulties noticing the difference between the two resolutions. Interestingly enough, Sony gave word that Gran Turismo 5 would be able to provide a 1080p 3D gaming experience at E3 last month. Perhaps we will find there are exceptions to the 720p limit.

When commenting on the general application of 3D in games, Benson mentioned Sony feels it could give more accessibility with the advantage of the increased sensory input.

"I think what’s basically going to happen is that anyone who has stereoscopic 3D televisions and, for example, is playing a driving game, I would imagine you’re likely to find that the accessibility level is higher, that people would generally perform better on their first go. But I think at the high end with the hardcore gamers you'll still see a [3D] advantage there, potentially, but the margins will be far smaller. Again, we don’t really know and it’s something we want to quantify and be a lot clearer on. It’s certainly one thing we are conscious of, and as part of our platform validation cycle we do check these things. We did tests on Wipeout’s online racing modes to make sure that it wasn’t hugely different… It’s not like you’re twice as fast or anything."





Blu-ray movies will retain the ability to display at 1080p in 3D when the console's firmware is updated in September, though this is due to the fact that movies run at a lower 24fps.

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