PS3 Firmware Update 3.50 Goes Live Page: 1

Sony has been hard at work to bring new content to their Playstation 3 console, and now they have finally managed 3D Blu-Ray playback support with the release of the 3.50 firmware.  This update allows users to, among other things, turn their console into a full-on 3D entertainment system.

Unfortunately, there are a few limitation with this new feature.  Sony cautions that Blu-Ray Disc Java (BD-J) content may not function properly.  In addition to this, users will be limited to the older lossy Dolby Digital (for Dolby TrueHD) and DTS (for DTS-HD) audio during 3D movie playback.

Also included in this firmware update are a couple of social features.  Of particular interest to some is the "Grief Report" system put into place to allow you to report users for sending you unwanted harassing messages through the "Friends" system.  Another, perhaps lesser features, is Facebook integration, allowing users to access public information through Facebook-supported games.

While it's always nice to get new, free updates, some users have expressed discontent that features such as cross-game chat, the ability to change PSN IDs, and an updated Internet browser still haven't been added yet.  One can only hope such things will come in the near future.

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