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60GB PS3

PLAYSTATION 3 Price Expected to Drop $100 July 12th

A member of DVD Talk Forum acquired a Circuit City ad from July 15th which showed the PS3 at $499 instead of the usual $599. Originally, this was unconfirmed with any other retailers as to whether it was Circuit City specific, or a market wide price drop; however, GameDaily received confirmation the the price drop would be effective industry-wide on July 12th, and it has yet to be announced by Sony.

$499 was the original price of the 20GB PS3, but production was ceased on that model to focus on the 60GB version. Now with this price break, the 60GB version will be the same as the previous 20GB model. It is expected for Sony to officially announce this on July 11th, at their E3 Press Conference.

However, Sony's President Ryoji Chubachi is quoted saying, "At present we have no plans [to cut the PS3 price],” earlier today.

We will have to see how this turns out because despite all the evidence it is denied by Sony's President. A price cut would open the PS3 to more gamers because price is often an issue when looking to buy a console. We'll just have to wait a week to see if this happens.

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