PS3 to get Firmware 2.40 Page: 1
PS3 to get Firmware 2.40
The guys down at GamePro have got an exclusive video of the new PS3 Firmware in action. The latest firmware update is said to be the biggest the PS3 has had so far enabling the players to get points and trophies for certain in-game actions.
Obviously, the PS3 owners are overly excited about this update as the PS3 can now have the replayability of which the Xbox 360 has already. Predictably, the Microsoft fan boys are unhappy because they believe that Sony has copied the Xbox's achievement system. Whatever the case may be the PS3 has got new features coming and will increase it popularity giving people yet another reason to buy this amazing console.
The trophy system will act as expected giving a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on how much content has been unlocked. Unfortunately, only a certain amount of games will be supported at first and any older games which support it will have to be replayed to unlock the trophies. The trophies are said to add up to equal the amount of "Nerd Cred" a player has.
With this update the PS3 will also be able to enter the GUI while in game with a simple tap to the PlayStation button. Players will be able to check if friends are online, change game settings and chat with fellow players all without quitting the game. A video of the new firmware can be found here.
The new firmware is said to be here by this week so fingers crossed it arrives.
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