PS4 Still Likely To Have Physical Drive Page: 1

Back in 2006, former Sony executive Phil Harrison said he didn't expect their next-generation console to sport a physical media drive, with digital distribution taking over.  Certainly digital distribution platforms are becoming more and more popular.  However, it seems the current Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, Kaz Hirai, is refuting that statement.

"We do business in parts of the world where network infrastructure isn't as robust as one would hope," he said.

"There's always going to be requirement for a business of our size and scope to have a physical medium."

"To think everything will be downloaded in two years, three years or even ten years from now is taking it a little bit to the extreme."

Sony released the first digital-download only console late last year in the form of the portable handheld PSPgo.  Reviews of the console were mixed, though criticisms weren't targeted at the download-only nature but rather its prohibitive cost.

With the PS3 planned to have a ten-year lifecycle, the next-generation Playstation 4 is expected to come some time after 2016.

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