Q1 Hardware Unveils Ultra-Hackable NanoNote Page: 1

Qi Hardware, a company started by former OpenMoko employees recently launched its first product in the form of the NanoNote. The device is an ultra-portable, ultra-hackable handheld carrying the Linux platform.

Also called the Ben NanoNote, the new palmtop from Qi Hardware features a full QWERTY keyboard. The device is designed to be easily hacked and converted into anything you want it to become – a media player, a note-taker, a Wikipedia reader, an RSS reader, or even a gaming device.

With a display that is just 3” in size and at just 126grams, the NanoNote is both ultra-portable and ultra-impressive. On the inside, it features a 336MHz XBurst JZ4720 processor, 32MB RAM, and a 2GB flash storage. If this seems inadequate, you can always add more storage through the microSD slot. The display is a bit outdated at just 320x240. Another major drawback of the NanoNote is the glaring absence of any networking options. This means users cannot get online.

What it lacks in power, the NanoNote makes up for in its flexibility. It can be booted from USB and its bare-bones Linux distribution is a version originally designed for routers. Qi Hardware plans on giving developers free run of the device so that they can replace the Linux with their own, custom designed software to make it completely their own.

If you find the NanoNote interesting, you can head over to the company’s official shop to buy it for $99.

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