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R680 To Clock Above 800MHz

...it seems AMD is pushing real hard to launch it in January 2008. Apart from DX10.1, SM 4.1, PCIe 2.0 and UVD support, it also supports display port and next generation Crossfire. We learned that R680 has 320 stream processors like the R600 and supports double precision floating point. So effectively, R680 is an enhanced R600 with finer process technology and more features. CJ told us that R680 is clocked at 800Mhz+ and comes with 512MB or 1GB GDDR3 memories but we knew that R680 supports GDDR4 too. Most likely it will come with 512-bit memory interface. Along with R680, we should be seeing RV635 and RV620 replacing HD 2600 (RV630) and HD 2400 (RV610) respectively as well as HD 2950 Pro (RV670) to form a complete top to bottom line-up

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