R700 is faster than GTX 280 Page: 1

R700 is faster than GTX 280

According to internal data which ATI collected, its R700 dual RV770 will end up faster than the fastest GTX 280 from Nvidia. This is quite a nice surprise as it shows ATI are back on their feet.


In the green corner, Nvidia have a lot to worry about as recently they have been lazy by recycling the G80 chipset again and again either adding shader processors or giving it a die shrink. Because of this ATI have had time to come up with a good counter attack which seems to be the new R700 cards. Nvidia needs to keep its performance crown so I am sure they will think of something, but if ATI can get the dual card out quick enough we may see Nvidia dethroned.


The dual RV770-based R700 is meant to be released in August this year, have ATI left it too late? Have ATI given Nvidia too much to think of something quicker? Discuss on our Forums.