Race Driver Grid 1.3 Patch Released Page: 1
Its finally here!
I'm sure there will be many of you out there that have been waiting for this patch for a long time as Codemasters first spoke of it in January. Finally today the 1.3 patch has appeared on their website promising these fixes:
- Added support for additional content packs.
- Added support for Motion Platform D-Box.
- Increasing the maximum view distance by 1 km so it is possible to see the entire length of the
   hill roads on San Francisco
- Fix for personal best lap time not replacing world record lap time when playing without internet connection.
- Fix for race day personal best lap times only being valid for first race in a grid world event.
- Fix for being able to select too many different types of cars in multi player events Long Beach Battle
   and Drift Inter GP.
- Fix for being able to select the Pontiac GTO in multi player Touring cars events.
- Fix for vehicles bought on eBay applying performance modifiers when playing multi player events.
- Fix for being awarded 1 lap in online stats for freestyle drift events.
- Prevented the editing ebay.xml cheat
No mention of a fix for the dreaded online bugs that ruins the game for many. The patch is available for download here. You can discuss this further in our forums.