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AMD delays Radeon 4800 launch to June 23
Following what appears to be a trend with AMD in recent times, the graphics card manufacturer has reportedly delayed the release date for the Radeon 4800 until the 23rd of June. Launch partners are reportedly quite upset by the decision to delay. According to our source, one possible reason given for the altered launch date may be attributed to NVIDIA releasing non-competing parts on the 17th June. AMD were due to release their new line of GPU's just one day later.
...companies have the cards available right now or can receive them within 24 hours of time. Given the current market climate, some companies believe AMD should have launched the cards at Computex.

We were told that there are “tens of thousands of boards just sitting there” and AMD’s partners are not too thrilled.

However, it looks like that AMD is using the delay to change its launch strategy. The GDDR5 equipped 4870 will now launch at the same time as the 4850 512MB GDDR3, but it is unclear whether there are enough GDDR5 chips to enable AMD to ship the 4870 in volume right off the bat.

Two updated dates for your calendar are: June 17: Nvidia launches GeForce GTX 200 series. June 23: AMD launches Radeon 4800 series.
Should AMD have released the 4800 Series at Computex?
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