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5870 Performance
ATI Radeon HD 5870 NakedHere is the first glimpse of the latest card from ATI, the 5870. Plenty of rumours about, no performance figures have surfaced until now though, but they are looking very good! Czech website, Czech Gamer, posted some figures, comparing it to the current big boys from both ATI and Nvidia, the HD4890, HD4870x2 and the GTX285.
They compared the cards in the DirectX 10.1 title, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, at 1920 x 1080 with 4x Anti Aliasing. They also used 3DMark Vantage,on the extreme preset, to thoroughly test the capabilities of the cards, and well, the numbers speak for themselves really.
5870 HAWX Benchmark5870 Vantage Test
Chinese website ChipHell have also posted what they claim to be AMD's official performance figures.
5850 Performance Figures5850 Performance Figures
This shows that the Radeon HD 5870 is anywhere between 5 and 155% faster than the GTX285. When compared to a GTX295, its between 25% slower and 95% quicker. When two 5870s are set up in CrossFire, they range between 5% slower and 90% faster than the GTX295. This is strange as the maximum improvement is less than a single card setup. However, when three of these cards are setup in CrossFireX, the result is anything between 10 and 160% faster than a GTX295.
The Radeon HD 5850 on the other hand, can be anything from 25% slower to 120% faster than GTX285.
These are quite some ranges and could either be down to unreliable results or immature drivers.
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