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Rapid Case 2.5 inch
Inexpensive USB hard drive enclosure now available for 2.5" hard drives.

Sharkoon Rapid-Case 2.5" for 2.5 inch hard drives / two models for IDE or SATA HDDs, each available in black, blue or red /  MSRP starting at 10 Euros

Sharkoon is expanding its line-up of inexpensive, external hard drive enclosures. Until now the Sharkoon Rapid-Case series has only been available for 3.5" hard drives, but is now available for 2.5" notebook sized hard drives as well. Under the name Rapid-Case 2.5", models are available for both IDE and SATA hard drives. Each version is available in red, blue and black metallic paint schemes. Both versions connect to PCs and laptops via the USB 2.0 interface.

The sturdy hard drive enclosure is made from aluminium, which functions as a passive heatsink, and the enclosure serves perfectly for flexible data transport. Installation is accomplished in a few simple steps. Included in the packaging are a USB-Y cable (2x A / Mini-USB), installation screws, screwdriver and a transport bag.

End customers will find the Sharkoon Rapid-Case 2.5" available from authorized retailers for the suggested retail price of 10 Euros (IDE) and 13 Euros (SATA).

For more information on the Sharkoon Rapid-Case 2.5" and to request photos or other informational material, please contact us or visit www.sharkoon.com.

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