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Razer Blade Delayed to 2012

The Razer Blade Gaming Notebook is being delayed to January 2012 due to the company swapping from using a HDD to an SSD, this is due to them striking a deal and managing to get them cheaper than usual, many people may think this is a bad idea as the price will rise well Razer have manage to get them for a price which allows them to keep the price of the Razer Blade the same.

The change in drives will give the users a 256GB SSD rather than a 320GB HDD this may be a drop in overall size however im sure the performance gain from swapping will be enough to satisfy even the people who would prefer storage over speed.

However those who have already placed and order (pre-orders) for the blade will be getting coupons for a free Razer Orochi Black Edition gaming mouse to complement their Blades.

For more information about the Razer Blade please visit the Razer website

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