Razer Caters For MMO Players Page: 1
Buttons, lots of them!
Razer Naga MMO MouseRazer are famous for gaming peripherals, and to be honest, they are very good at it. It makes you wonder what has happened here though. Their latest mouse, the Naga, is designed for the ever increasing number of MMORPG players. Featuring a 12 button thumb pad that allows you to assign up to 12 different macros. There is an additional 2 buttons near the top of the main mouse buttons and a four way scroll wheel. Inside there is a 5600dpi 3.5G Laser sensor for an ultra fast 1ms response time. The Naga also allows you to add game specific addon packs, that I assume will allow users to automatically set buttons to certain commands in games. As usual, you can store unlimited character profiles, which is handy for computers with multiple users. The Naga is described as an upper-mid-sized mouse, meaning it should fit in most user's hands ok.
Megasome mouse matAccompanying the release of the Naga is the extra large Megasome mouse pad. Measuring 350mm by 230mm it is larger than most mouse mats, and 2mm thick means it should be comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. The Megasome is made of silicone for additional grip and is fluorescent for an ambient glow during late night sessions. The Naga and Megasome are expected to retail for $80 and $50 respectively at the end of this month.
Yet more great looking and feature filled products from Razer, the Naga looks difficult to use and depending on the way you hold your mouse, you could press the buttons at the wrong time, although I suppose you would get used to it. What do you think? Discuss in our Forums.