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Introduction RAZER Destructor logo

Okay so you've just built yourself a super duper new gaming rig, and haven't skimped on any critical areas of the build - it's a gaming monster that'll play anything that you care to throw at it. But what point is there to having the ultimate gaming PC, when that cheap $5.00 mouse mat that you've purchased isn't going to give you the perfect medium for accuracy and tracking?

Unfortunately; and more often than not, the humble mouse pad is often overlooked during an upgrade. In recent times there has been quite a move towards 'alternative' materials instead of traditional cloth type surfaces that will provide exceptional tracking for both laser and optical mice.

Enthusiast peripherals manufacturer, RAZER, are leading the charge in developing a mouse mat that will extract the maximum performance out of your gaming-grade mouse. RAZER has been working on the RAZER Destructor mouse mat for over two years; trialing different types of materials in consultation with professional gamers and the fruits of their labour has finally arrived.

Here's what RAZER had to say about the  RAZER Desructor:


The Razer Destructor™ was co-designed, tested and validated by some of the most internationally respected and revered eSports teams, including Fnatic, Team World Elite and Team EG. Through their constant input, our engineers were able to push the boundaries of invention beyond all expectations, culminating in a product whose level of refinement is only possible at the highest echelons of competitive tuning.


It's nice to see RAZER including feedback from professional gamers into their product's R&D cycle. It would be great if other 'enthusiast' orientated companies adopted this approach.




Let's begin the review by taking a look at the RAZER Destructor's specifications, which by the way, were unashamedly copied from RAZER' product page.


* Razer Fractal™ surface for high-precision gameplay
* Optimized for both optical and laser gaming-grade mice
* Ultra-wide size ideal for continuous, rapid swipes: 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height)
* Non-slip rubber base for firm grip on smooth surfaces
* Includes a premium lightweight protective case



RAZER Destructor overview_1Razer Fractal™ textured surface for enhanced precision movements
The crux of the Razer Destructor™’s innovation lies in its proprietary gunmetal coating which yields a highly reactive surface. The result is superior tactility, improved responsiveness and enhanced tracking.
RAZER Destructor overview_2Optimized to improve optical and laser gaming-grade mouse performance
The Razer Destructor™ was made with one primary mission in mind: to coax the maximum performance from gaming-grade mice. And the results speak for themselves. Gaming-grade optical mice track up to 25% better on the Razer Destructor™, and gaming-grade laser mice up to 37% better, when compared to other gaming-mousing surfaces which are designed specifically for extremely precise movements.
RAZER Destructor overview_3Ultra-wide size
Measuring 350mm (length) x 280mm (width) x 2.3mm (height), the Razer Destructor™ provides an ample mousing area for lower-sensitivity gamers accustomed to performing sweeping movements.
Let's head over the page to check out how the RAZER Destructor will arrive at your door...

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Packaging and Contents
The RAZER Destructor comes housed in a cardboard wrap-around that is covered completely by clear plastic. On the front of the packaging there is a nice image of the Destructor mouse mate with a RAZER mouse sitting on it. In the bottom right hand corner RAZER has included some figures illustrating how well the RAZER Destructor improves tracking on laser and optical mice. The front of the packaging also features three clan tags of players who I presume helped with the R&D of the mouse mat.
RAZER Destructor packaging front
On the reverse side of the packaging there are testimonials (including photo's) from professional players who were involved in the development of the RAZER Destructor, as well as performance graphs and the features of the mouse mat.
After unleashing the RAZER Destructor from the confines of its cardboard protection we are greeted by a zippered black cloth case with the RAZER logo on the front. The rear of the case is just plain black, and I must admit it looks extremely smart and will aid in keeping your RAZER Destructor clean and undamaged.
RAZER Destructor carry case RAZER Destructor carry case rear
Opening up the zippered case we are greeted by the usual suspects inside a RAZER product - a certificate of authenticity and a small fold-out product catalogue.
Contents Contents opened
One thing that's really cool about the RAZER Destructor's zippered case is the fact that the inside is recessed out for the Destructor to fit snugly into. RAZER had to do this as the Destructor isn't as flexible as a standard cloth-type mat and rolling it up into a cardboard tube would have meant creases in the mat itself.
Packaging insert
Let's head over the page to see the RAZER Destructor in a little more detail...

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A Closer Look
 The RAZER Destructor makes a move away from the traditional rectangular shaped mouse mats. It features a gunmetal grey glossy finish on the top which RAZER call "Fractal™ textured surface". It's about as far removed from a cloth type cover as possible, and resembles more of a plastic coating.
RAZER Destructor front RAZER Destructor rear
In the lower left hand corner we can see the inclusion of the Destructor logo with what looks like an ant replacing the letter 'O'. In the top right hand corner we can see the RAZER snake logo that adorns all of their products.
Destructor logo RAZER Logo
The second area where the RAZER Destructor separates itself from the competition is with its reduced thickness. I have included my trusty battle weary RAZER Mantis mat and an XTracPads Fat Mat as a comparison.
Interestingly, RAZER market the Destructor as an Ultra-wide size mouse mat, but yet both the XTracPads Fat Mat and RAZER Mantis are significantly bigger widthways and lengthways by around 2 inches.
comparison view of mouse mats reverse side comparison
The underside surface of the RAZER Destructive is extremely grippy due to its rubber base. Despite several attempts to get it to slide on a range of surfaces (polished timber, Melamine and Stainless steel) it remained resilient and failed to budge.
RAZER Destructor with Logitech G7 RAZER Destructor with Logitech G7_2
Please excuse the sacrilegious images of a Logitech G7 wireless mouse on the RAZER Destructor, but it was the only mouse that I had available near me when taking the review pictures. Honest!!!
The images above further reinforce the fact that the RAZER Destructor isn't exactly huge, but yet the reduced footprint means that those with smaller desktops aren't going to run into any real estate issues.
Let's head over the page to see how we're going to test the RAZER Destructor...

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For the testing part of the review today I will be using my current rig - AquAus
Components included in the test rig are:
* Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650
* Asus Rampage Extreme
* PowerColor Radeon HD4870
* 2GB Kingston HyperX PC3-14400
* 2 x 250GB SATA II Seagate NCQ 16Mb cache 7200.10 - RAID 0
* 1 x 200 SATA Seagate Barracuda (Storage)
* Logitech G7 and G9 mice
* XTracPads FAT Mat/ RAZER Mantis (Control) mouse mats

All testing will be conducted from within Windows Vista.

Testing Method

In order to try and give our readers an holistic idea of how the RAZER Destructor mouse mat performs, I will be testing the RAZER Destructor according to the three criterion that RAZER state it excels at: speed, precision and control.
Because I don't happen to have a copy of Mouse Mat Mark 08, I am going to report my findings as objectively as possible due to the lack of definitive data. And for the record my gaming style is predominantly that of a 'twitch gamer' as I usually play first person shooters as a preference.

For the first phase of the test I will throw myself, my Logitech G7 and G9 and the RAZER Destructor into first person shooter-ville. I will be using Valve's Counter Strike:Source; idsoftware's Quake 4; infinity ward's Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and for good measure some MMORPG courtesy of World of Warcraft.

For the second testing phase I will be looking at how well the RAZER Destructor allows for user control when browsing the internet, along with some image manipulation courtesy of Adobe Photoshop CS3.
All I can say is wow...the RAZER Destructor is one fast cookie. The new Fractal™ textured surface that RAZER has included on the Destructor is the perfect medium for speed. However, it's a controlled speed not a train wreck waiting to happen. You can really feel the difference when comparing the surface of the Destructor to that of the Mantis and Fat Mat. This is the Ferrari of mouse mats.
The increased precision is very evident with the RAZER Destructor, and making headshots in Counter Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare became more consistent. My RAZER Mantis (Control) mouse mat is really good for assisting where precision and control are paramount, but both it and the Fat Mat pale in comparison.
I really noticed the increased control that the RAZER Destructor affords when I was testing it during a bout of Photoshop. Working around the Photoshop workspace was a breeze. Selecting various tools from the toolbar or customising colour swatches and tool presets, which can at times be fiddly, was an absolute doddle. The sometimes arduous process of cutting images out with the 'Eraser' tool was made significantly easier by the RAZER Destructor.
The RAZER Destructor is now officially my favourite mouse mat and the Mantis and Fat Mat will be relegated to the hallway cupboard.

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Conclusion RAZER Destructor
So how well did the RAZER Destructor perform in today's review?
I'm going to reiterate what I said on the previous page as I feel it warrantss saying again - the RAZER Destructor is my new best friend. It is quite simply the fastest gaming surface that I have had the pleasure to deal with and the additional control and precision available makes it even more attractive. It's almost as if RAZER has revamped the Bugatti Veyron with even better brakes and suspension and then marketed it as a mouse mat. Almost :D
The inclusion of the professional looking padded carry case sweetens the deal even further as it means that your RAZER Destructor will provide you with many years of service provided you look after it.
However, the RAZER Destructor isn't cheap at a Recommended Retail Price of US$39.99, but then again what price do you put on absolute performance? I still think the RAZER Destructor is acceptable value if you crave the features and durability that it offers. The best and only pricing pricing that I was able to find in the UK (PriceGrabber.co.uk) for the RAZER Destructor was £28.18 inc VAT at Tekheads.
Our Australian readers can find the RAZER Destructor at Altech Computers for AUD$69.00 (inc. GST)
Let's have a look at how the RAZER Destructor scored today
The Good
+ Insanely fast
+ Increased control over competing mouse mats
+ Increased precision
+ Quality
+ The inclusion of the carry bag will ensure increased life.
The Mediocre
* Pricing still on the high-side of town
* Fractal surface can attract oily fingerprints
The Bad
- Absolutely nothing
 OC3D Gamers Choice Award
Overclock3D would like to thank Altech Computers for making this review possible
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