Razer Intros Vespula – its Dual-Sized Mouse Mat Page: 1

Gaming peripherals manufacturer Razer has served up an all new gaming-grade mouse mat. Dubbed Vespula, the lightweight mouse mat gives dual-sided use. Going by the manufacturer’s claims, it is offers gamers “the best of both worlds”.

Vespula comes with a smooth “Speed Surface” on one side, which has been designed to detect large, sweeping mouse motions. This makes it perfect for action games that call for quick, decisive mouse moves. The other side is a rough textured “Control Surface”, which has been created especially for those small, highly precise mouse movements necessary to pick off enemies in first-person shooter games.

Going by the description, it looks like you can use the Speed Surface of Vespula to quickly zone in on your opponents, and then flip over to the Control Surface to take them out one by one. That would definitely call for some skilled flipping action.

Both surfaces on the 300mm x 240mm x 4mm mouse mat feel great in terms of finish – a non-slip hard coat in a matte, anti-reflective look. The gel-filled wrist rest is also nicely positioned to support the hand for long hours of action-packed gaming. While Vespula might not be as big as Razer’s over-sized Goliathus mouse mat, the dual surfaces do give it a different charm.

The new mouse mat has already hit the markets with a price tag of $34.99. Any gamers interested in a mouse mat change?