Report says UK Government should not bankroll next gen broadband Page: 1
Press Release
A six-month long report by a government commissioned group has said that the UK Government should not fund the next-gen broadband across the country.
Instead the independent governing bodies should continue to encourage investment from the private ISP's to upgrade the country's flailing copper to a more reliable and faster fibre network.
"There is little evidence that in the short term the UK is going to suffer from the lack of an extensive next generation access network" review author Francesco Caio
The report also says that different firms should patch up part of the UK each
"Making sure that patchwork fits together seamlessly - that's where government and Ofcom have a role to play" Antony Walker, head of the Broadband Stakeholder Group
Now to me this sounds like a nightmare of hotch-potched networks accross the country meaning that the more affluent areas are more likely to see faster broadband as they can afford to pay for it.
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