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Revolution controller

IGN have a nice article up about the Revolution controller, its use and attatchment to it that make it more of a "normal" controller.

From the sound of it the controller is going to work a lot like the light gun on the old NES/SNES systems: except better. If you want to play a fishing game: you swiish the controller to cast and flick it upwards to snag the fish.

They have made a mock-up of what they think they shell-like peripheral may look like (see below)

Revolution controller

As you can see above: Nintendo intend one of the first peripherals to be an add-on to the controller to make it more traditional.

Beth Llewelyn: Nintendo of America's senior director of public relations

Our current plan is for each [Revolution] hardware system to be sold with the free-hand-style controller and the nunchuck-style expansion controller So there we go. Its looking very interesting as a concept: but we wonder how it will play?

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