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ROCCAT Announce Arvo Gaming Keyboard
ROCCAT have just announced the final piece in their Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS), the Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard.
This incredible looking keyboard slots in alongside their Apuri USB hub and mouse cable manager, the Sota Gaming Mousepad and the stylish Kova mouse to complete a desktop environment that looks stylish and futuristic, without compromising usability.
With a compact design the ROCCAT Arvo helps gamers reclaim their desk-space and gives them a perfectly organised area. It comes complete with a built in metal backplate and is the first keyboard in the world to feature a gaming mode function in the numpad. By integrating the cursor keys into the number pad it helps keep the keyboard compact, whilst enabling gamers to have more keys within easy reach. A handy button on the top right of the keyboard enables quick switching between the numpad and the cursor keys.
Arvo Keyboard
Three "thumbster" keys just underneath the space bar offer both macro and practical timer functions and are also unique. In-game functions such as reloading and spell-casting are now within a quick and comfortable thumb press. The ROCCAT Arvo Compact Gaming Keyboard also comes complete with the multi-award winning macro and profile manager than is already available with both the ROCCAT Kova Max Customization mouse and the ROCCAT Valo Max Customization keyboard.
It will be available to purchase from retailers in the middle of December at a RRP of €59.99.
Further information on this keyboard is available at the Roccat Arvo website.
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