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RoccatFundamentals. Basics, which must be achieved in order to continue building upwards to achieve an overall objective. Civil engineers would never specify a cheap road surface that would ruin one's car tyres within minutes. A team of builders would never dream of making the foundations of the 2,684ft tall Burj Dubai Sky Scraper out of pure wensleydale cheese...or any cheese for that matter and neither would they specify the building's double decker 40mph lifts to be pulled by a cable of liquorice string. Without getting a little too carried away, I would just like to say that there is a point to the somewhat outrageous analogies that I have just stated. The purchase of a high performance gaming mouse is not the entire solution for improved game play as the final non human limitation lies with the surface that the mouse is used on! The use of such mice on common wood/glass surfaces or even a cheap generic mousemat may hinder it's capabilities and the former may even cause damage to the surface, the mouse or both. Today we'll be showing you an example of what we believe should be a fundamental product done right. The Roccat Taito Gaming Mouse mat.
To those that have already seen some of Roccat's products already, I think it goes without saying that the company needs no introduction as although in relative terms they're a relatively new kid on the block, they consist of a highly committed development team and their products certainly show it. Formed in 2005, they have a small but growing portfolio of products and the Taito mouse mat is one of two mats that they offer.
for silence and comfort right in the heat of the gaming action

exact x-y balance, precise mouse movements and control

400 x 320mm with a thickness of 3.45mm

provides heavy grip and security

 Now let's move on to the packaging and first impressions...

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Packaging and Initial Impressions
The Roccat Taito arrived in a small plastic enclosure as shown below. Nothing particularly fancy, aside the prominent company logo along with a couple of sentences describing the product. The enclosure also included samples of the mat's fabric so the customer can feel what the front and back of it is like.
Roccat Taito Packaging Roccat Taito Unfolded
It held the mouse mat securely in a “roll up” fashion. The enclosure is opened by a tab at the rear , which is then peeled backwards. The mechanism worked but smaller fragments of plastic began to break apart in the process, which meant that the box can't really be used again. Also, even though the mat was placed in the box securely, the way in which it's packed means that the mat is at least initially not entirely flat. In all fairness, with an overall size of 40cm x 32cm, a flat style of packaging has quite an impact on postage costs for Roccat, the distributors, retailers and ultimately the end user. The Taito completely flattened out within the first several minutes of use and so I wouldn't hold this against the product itself.
Roccat Taito Unfolded Roccat Taito Logo
Roccat describes their mouse mat as one that is optimised for gamers, while maintaining the highest levels of comfort. This is said to be achieved by the heat treated nano pattern of the surface material and a strong rubberised backing, which is said to hold the mat securely.
Roccat Taito Front Roccat Taito Surface Back
In terms of the Taito's design, it adopts a more minimalistic approach, consisting of just a black semi gloss finish and the product's title in the bottom right corner. Some may not be too fond of the mat's simple design but just as equally, one could argue that there's less to not like about a design like this. Needless to say however, we care less about it's looks but more about how it performs.

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Testing methods
As a mouse pad cannot really be tested to offer quantitive results, unless you're interested in the mass of it after being fully immersed in water or the temperature at which it completely disintegrates, the idea is that the Roccat Taito will be tested over a number of days of typical use with the tried and tested Roccat Kone mouse and based on our findings, we'll evaluate it in terms of comfort, grip and durability.
Roccat Taito + Kone
General Use
General purpose tests consisted of web browsing, media playback and word processing. For tasks like these, we were looking out for noise and general comfort. The Taito ticked all of these boxes with the noise levels of mouse drag kept to a minimum and at no point did the mat feel uncomfortable to use. The high grip backing held the Taito in place without even a twitch.
This is where the Taito should come into it's own. The tests consisted of a number of games of the original Counterstrike. Throughout the duration of testing, the mat allowed the Roccat Kone mouse to perform flawlessly. The size of the surface allowed for sharp character movements without having to lift the mouse from the pad and it's also noteworthy that all of the observations found from general usage tests held true for the gaming tests in that the noise of mouse drag was minimal, it remained comfortable even after longer than recommended durations of computer usage and the backing held it in place like the foundations of a skyscraper.

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Roccat TaitoSo is the Roccat Taito a fundamental product done right? I would say so, yes. Offering excellent performance without sacrificing comfort, all at an affordable price tag that's just short of £11, there is little to complain about. The design is clean and is likely to suit any gamer's table top, though naturally, some may prefer a mouse mat which looks more interesting. The final question which I'd like to raise is the following. Why buy this mouse pad over similar products from Razer, OCZ and so on? To be frank, there isn't much in particular that makes the Taito stand out from the rest so really it's going to depend on your own requirements and preferences. These may be aesthetic or practicality based. In terms of capability, I fully back this product as an excellent purchase.
All in all, a glowing product. Well done Roccat and many thanks for giving us the opportunity to try out your product!
The Good
- Large surface area
- Comfortable and quiet to use
- Backing holds mouse pad in place very well
- Minimalistic styling
- Competitive pricing
The Mediocre
- Packaging that held the mouse pad completely flat would have been better
- Cardboard packaging would have been reusable.
The bad
- None.
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