RV870 codenamed "Lil Dragon" Page: 1
RV870 has been code-named "Lil Dragon"
Over the past month or so, we have been hearing snippets of what AMD's next-generation GPU will deliver. RV870, codenamed 'Lil Dragon' will now reportedly be released more than likely on a 40nm node, and AMD are aiming for a performance per watt ratio twice that of RV770. The shrink from 65/55nm to 40nm should see this become a reality.
Overall performance has been suggested to be somewhere around 20% better than RV770 with a significant drop in power consumption.
This points to 960 shaders (192x5), 48 texture units, 24 ROPs and so forth. If this is the case, TDP of the RV870 should be around 150W at most with todays frequencies.
Whether AMD will keep RV870 as a DirectX 10.1 card or whether it will become their first DirectX 11 card remains to be seen.
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