RV870 key specs revealed? Page: 1
Dual-core GPU
According to sources from TSMC Technology, AMD's next generation graphics core could possibly be the RV870 and feature either a 40nm or 45nm node size. The reduction in size should also help alleviate the increased temperatures that we are seeing from AMD's current HD 4800 Series.
The core area of RV870 will be about 140m㎡ which is much smaller than RV770 260m㎡. As we know by now, it will have 192 ALU. RV770 each ALU matched 5SP and then RV870 will have 960SP. In order to control the core area, it is still 256bit. We believe RV870 will be 1.2 times than RV770 in performances, but this will be decided by the clock of RV870.
The sources have further stated that the RV870 will use a new design to that of the HD3870X2 and the upcoming Radeon HD4870X2, which currently use single PCB+dual graphic core. R800 is rumoured to actually have dual-core GPU's and specs double that of RV870.
Impressive stuff if AMD get some healthy yields
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