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S3 Chrome 400 GPUs Support gDEBugger
S3 Graphics, a leading provider of graphics and visualization technologies, and Graphic Remedy, an innovative provider of OpenGL performance tools, today announced the support of the latest Chrome 400 Series GPUs with the gDEBugger performance measurement utility. The Chrome 400 Series GPUs support the latest OpenGL 2.1 API and hardware HD video decode for Blu-ray™ playback.
The powerful integration between gDEBugger and S3 Graphics provides real-time statistics (performance counters) representing utilization, throughput, and other performance metrics within the S3 Graphics hardware and driver. Monitoring these performance counters allows unprecedented visibility of graphics activity and throughput at various points in the graphic pipeline. OpenGL developers can use these performance counters to identify graphic pipeline bottlenecks, optimize their code based on application feedback, and measure the success of different optimizations they apply.
gDEBugger is an excellent solution for OpenGL developers who care about the performance of their application. S3 Graphics has been working extensively with Graphic Remedy to ensure that gDEBugger fully supports our current and future graphics architectures. The integration of gDEBugger with S3 Graphics hardware performance metrics gives developers valuable, in-depth analysis of any OpenGL application to get the most out of our hardware using this advanced tool,” said Iming Pai, VP of Software at S3 Graphics.
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