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Saitek launches new PC peripherals for modern lifestyles

Saitek have announced the launch of its new 2007 line-up of PC peripherals available this 2007. The new range includes distinctive new PC mice, keyboards, webcams and other accessories– all compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista – and designed for style, fun and decluttering the desktop.


Saitek has had great success producing mice and keyboards in vibrant, individual colours. This season’s new colour products reflect the current trends in fashion and mainstream consumer electronics products, making PC peripherals as much about lifestyle as technology. By using in-house design and short production lead times Saitek has the agility to respond quickly to changes in fashion. As well as expanding colour variants of the very popular Desktop Optical Mouse and Notebook Optical mice, and creating new complementary products like matching mice and hubs, the company is also launching new product families with individual design patterns. This quick time to market also gives Saitek the ability to produce customised, exclusive designs for key retailers.


Recognising the increasing use of PCs as fun tools for communicating with friends and family, and building on the success of its headset products in 2007, Saitek is expanding the communications range, launching a new range of webcams, and headset/webcam combos such as the WH30 Webcam and Headset. This year, Saitek is also launching a unique new product - the Saitek Photo mouse. This fully featured optical mouse can be customised by printing a favourite photograph and positioning it under the mouse’s transparent cover. The Saitek Photo mouse reflects the consumer trend for customising products, allowing them to personalise their work/play/relaxation environment as well as making an ideal gift/impulse purchase. Both the new communications range and Photo Mouse recognise that consumers want products that not only make PC use easier and more efficient, but more fun too.


Saitek’s new range of PC Peripherals are also designed to help the user declutter their office environment. The new K100 multimedia USB-Hub Keyboard features two onboard USB ports as well as audio in and out to reduce the number of cables on the desktop while the C100X Wireless Keyboard and mouse combo offers users a stylish, compact wireless matching keyboard and mouse to minimise clutter. The declutter theme continues with a range of products designed specifically for Notebooks. Notebook PCs are fast overtaking traditional desktop PCs as the main computer used in the home, as well as on the move. Saitek’s new notebook mice, hubs and webcams are compact solutions for home computing which look as good in the living room as the home office.

“Our new PC peripherals range is designed to give consumers products which reflect their lifestyles and individual tastes,” said Maggie Heeley, Saitek Category Manager. “We’ve focused this year on our seasonal ranges as well as a host of products designed for Notebook PCs and the more fun uses for computers. But these aren’t novelty products – they are designed with all the functionality of more traditional peripherals to give the consumer the best technology at the best price.”



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