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Official Press Release

Saitek Announces New Innovative PC Speaker Sets

Bristol, 11th July 2007 – Saitek today announced the launch of the 3D speaker range available in October 2007, named after their advanced 3D imaging abilities, designed for use with PCs, laptops and portable audio players.

Saitek has a history of designing great PC products, especially peripherals that enhance PC game play. These speakers were born out of a passion to deliver outstanding power-price performance whilst providing a genuine advantage to gamers and music-lovers alike. The team, who have Saitek’s earlier top-reviewed MP3 speakers behind them and who were also responsible for many top British Hi-Fi speakers in the past, have focused on stereo imagery and adaptability in use.

“Our experience has enabled us to create a quite exceptional sound stage,” says Simon Woollard, Saitek’s senior acoustic engineer. “We can see the edge it gives gamers to know exactly where each shot comes from, and delivering this performance makes music clearer, richer and vastly more enjoyable as well.” The result is ASIS – Saitek’s Advanced Stereo Imaging System, incorporated across the range. On a technical note, ASIS combines a waveguide-loaded drive unit with a minimised baffle to control diffraction effects at high frequencies. This improves off-axis response and reduces diffraction path delays, leading to improved stereo imaging.

      3D 280    3D 580
3D 210                               3D 280                                           3D 590

All three speakers use an ingenious design approach which allows a choice of speaker orientations to suit the listening environment. For each system, the satellite units can be used in any of three orientations to ensure optimum sound delivery. All connect to PC/Mac/MP3/PSP and have a socket for connecting headphones without having to reach around behind the PC.

The 3D 210 is an active stereo speaker system comprising two neodymium drive units and a 10W peak power amplifier, delivering outstanding performance for this price point. The adjustable bass contour control allows adjustment of the speaker’s balance to compensate for room acoustics.

The 3D 380 system features satellite units housing bass and volume controls, and includes a separate ported subwoofer to boost the system's bass response. Rated at 80W peak power, the 3D 380 has more than enough output to cover most listening situations.

The top-of-the-range 3D 590 has twin driver satellite units for enhanced dynamics, and a larger subwoofer for extra bass extension. Rated at 90W peak power, the 3D 590 plays at high volume with great clarity and fidelity. The system features a wired remote for convenient control of volume and bass contour.


"Our new 3D speakers not only look great but they deliver fantastic bang-per-buck. They incorporate a number of technical innovations that make them sound wonderful regardless of audio source or listening environment," said Nick Hawkins, Saitek Category Manager. "From the listener who just wants to play background internet radio or MP3s while they work on their PC, to the serious gamer who wants high volume, punchy bass and pin-point stereo accuracy to improve their game play, the 3D speaker range has a model to suit most needs."

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