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Samsung 850 Pro SSD


Korean company Samsung have announced their latest and greatest SSD, the 850 Pro. While it may seem like just a standard SATA drive, it contains a very innovative new approach to producing and utilising memory, or NAND, that stacks memory vertically, rather than horizontally, to fit more GBs into the same area.

For SSDs are to completely replace traditional spinning platter Hard Drives for our high-capacity storage needs, they need to start arriving in sizes larger than a terabyte. For this to happen you either need to strap a vast amount of NAND memory onto your SSD; creating a large sized SSD, perhaps a 3.5” SSD or make each of the memory chips on a SSD be higher capacity while remaining the same size.

The traditional way to increase memory density has been to shrink the production process, similar to CPUs and GPUs, but in the case of memory performance and durability start to drop off when you get smaller and smaller. Reducing the process nodes used in SSDs further may even lower the expected performance of SSDs.

Samsung 850 Pro SSD  Samsung 850 Pro SSD  


Samsung’s solution is to stack higher, rather than wider and have created 3D NAND chips, called V-NAND in Samsung, which add transistors vertically as well as horizontally. Because they can increase density by going vertically as well as horizontally, the new 850 Pro SSDs don’t even need to run the same 19nm memory as the 840 EVO drives, but rather use the older 30nm process.

The new drive from the outside is still a plain old SATA SSD, with the same old Samsung looks and even memory controller, so it’s not much lot faster than the current tier SSDs, which often saturate the SATA 3.0 interface.  The one main difference than other branded, or even Samsung’s previous SSDs is that the performance of even their lower end 128GB model will be able to reach these speeds, where other SSDs get to these levels of performance at around 240GB or larger sizes.

Samsung are also offering whoever purchases these SSDs an exceptionally long warranty of up to 10 years, or 150TB or total writes (40GB of writes per day), which is exceptional for any SSD never mind an SSD using a brand new processing technique. Samsung are showing great pride in their new SSDs, and I must say I am impressed. Hopefully these will reach our store shelves and PCs soon.


V-NAND is going to hit out PCs by storn in the next few years, not just by way of new SSDs but in GPU and even System memory, let’s hope that as adoption of this new tech spreads we will even see a price reduction. Come on guys we all want 25p/GB SSDs don’t we? (perhaps a bit over ambitious).

We at OC3D must congratulate Samsung on bringing this SSD to market, as pushing the envelope and bringing more and more advanced technologies to market must always be applauded and hope to see more from v-NAND in the coming months and years.


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