Samsung Introduces Budget SSD SataII Drives Page: 1

Budget SSD's here at last?

New budget SSD's from SamsungAimed at the low cost PC market, Samsung have introduced a series of solid state drives, with lower densities but offering higher performance. With a footprint 30% smaller than the 2.5" SSD's, Samsung say they are highly cost efficient to manufacture. They are due to hit manufacturing next month and will be available in 8, 16 & 32Gb densities. The new low density SSD's use the same SATA II controllers as their big brother - the MLC based 128Gb SSD. There were no details on pricing given.

The 32Gb model is touting sequential read speeds of 90MB/s and sequential write speeds of 70MB/s, which Samsung say offers performance levels much greater than low-density SSDs on the market today. The 16GB reads at 90MB/s and writes at 45MB/s, while the 8GB reads at 90MB/s and writes at 25MB/s.

Jim Elliott, Vice President of Samsung Memory Marketing had the following to say about the new drives:

We’ve refined our manufacturing techniques and redesigned our low-density SSDs to get what the low-priced PC market is looking for in the way of improved cost, performance and availability,”
 Could this be the beginning of the end for the domination of SATA & IDE drives? Discuss the new drives here in our forums.
You can view the full press release here.