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Samsung, LG Philips Showcase More AMOLED Displays

Samsung and LG Phillips are working hard to bring new display technology to the market. Currently, they have been working on perfecting a technology called AMOLED, or active matrix organic light emitting diode. These displays are geared towards products that require ultra-thin displays that are capable of displaying high color images at reasonable resolutions. They both use amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology, allowing them to be flexible. Samsung's AMOLED display, seen below, is capable of resolutions up to 320x240 and the ability to display all the colors of NTSC, while only being approximately 0.52mm thick.

Samsung AMOLED Display

LG's new display also has the same resolution as Samsungs, 320x240. It can produce more colors, a whopping 16.77 million colors, the same as most consumer PC monitors. All of this is only about 150nm thick, or a little more than the average human hair.

LG Phillips' AMOLED Display

“This display capitalizes on the strengths of OLED technology and its image quality is really something to behold,” said Hyunhe Ha, executive vice president and the head of the Small & Medium Displays Business Unit at LG.Philips LCD. “Although we are still in the initial stages with this technology, we expect to make some exciting advances in the near future. LG.Philips LCD is focused on customer-centered technology development to introduce products that customers want.”

Both of these displays feature metal based foils that keep them durable and resistant to heat. Using the a-Si backplane technology, LG is allows to use its existing TFT-LCD production line for the AMOLEDs, making the product commercially viable. Samsung is starting mass production on its displays, and LG will be showing its display at the Society for Information Display (SID) 2007 in Long Beach, California on May 20th.