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News <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 03/01/2007
Author: PV5150
Source: TG Daily

Samsung said that it has begun sampling of 50 nm NAND flash memory chips that are required to build the long announced 32 GB 2.5 GB solid state disk (SSD). The flash drive is expected to replace traditional hard drives in higher end notebooks and offer significant advantages in data transfer rates as well as power consumption.

The new memory chips bump the density of the previous NAND flash generation from 8 Gb(it) to 16 Gb. In a 16 x 16 Gb configuration, the device will reach the originally promised capacity of 32 GB. Previously promised prototypes of the 2.5" SSD used 4 Gb and 8 Gb chips, which resulted in capacities of 8 GB and 16 GB, respectively.

Samsung SSD

The company first announced plans to ship a SSD in March 2006 and since then has provided very few updates on the likely availability of the drive - other than the device will be introduced around the launch date of Windows Vista. Samsung recently received the Windows Hardware Qualification Lab (WHQL) for the SSD; mass production of the 16 Gb chips is planned to ramp in the current quarter.

The Korean semiconductor company is also a driving force in developing a market for hybrid hard drives - hard drives that combine NAND flash memory with traditional hard drive technology. According to the source, Samsung stated that hybrid hard drives would be shipping "in large quantities" in January 2007.

Specifications of the devices have not been revealed yet, but prototypes used NAND flash with capacities of 128 KB and 256 KB. Samsung promises that this will be enough to enable notebooks to run up to 30 minutes longer and boot up to 50% faster than comparable devices with a common hard drive.

Samsung's Hybrid Flash/Magnetic HDD

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