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Samsung SSD Upgrade Kit Launched

Samsung have announced that in partnership with Symantec they have released a new SSD Upgrade Kit designed to improve the usability of their 470 series solid state drives.

The 470 Series SSD upgrade kit is bundled with a full version of Norton Ghost 15.0, which is included to help alleviate backup and recovery issues that many users experience when upgrading their main installation drive. The kit is designed with novices in mind, making installation easy and convenient.

To round of this kit Samsung are including the required connecting cables and new adjustable mounting brackets so this really is a complete package. This kit aims to bring SSD upgrades to the masses where many are put off by the complexities of a relatively young technology compared to the tried and tested disc drives.

The Samsung 470 series has already proved successful in Korea where it was launched back in January and Samsung UK are now finally releasing it into the UK market. Samsung hope that bundling their most recent SSD with a full version of Norton Ghost 15.0 as well as the required cables and instructions, will make it very appealing for consumers looking to upgrade their laptop or desktop for increased performance.

With the SSD market expected to expand by more than three times by 2015 appealing to the wider less experienced market is clearly a good move by Samsung. Many enthusiasts will likely opt for more performance oriented drives and although this is only a tiny sector of the market we would hope that Samsung cater for those users as well.

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