Samsung unveils its Mobile WiMAX UMPC Page: 1
Samsung unveils its Mobile WiMAX UMPC


With the advent of devices such as the Asus Eee PC technology is becoming smaller and more powerful than ever before. This continuing trend is affirmed by the development of mobile products by other leading conglomerates.

Samsung Electronics unveiled its compact UMPC 'Deluxe MITs(model: SPH-P9200)' at the Samsung 4G Forum 2007 in Korea market. As a successor model of SPH-P9000, it can connect to wireless internet and VoIP phone via Mobile WiMax. Running on Windows XP, the SPH-P9200 adopts 5-inch touch screen, folding QWERTY keyboard and 30GB HDD.




The question is, are any of our readers interested in adopting a small mobile device such as this? Discuss