Sandy Bridge Will Have Special Media Accelerators Page: 1

The soon to be released Sandy Bridge processors from Intel will feature special media acceleration circuitry, a rumor that has now received official confirmation. A report by CNET states that the information was provided by Intel vice president Stephen L. Smith at a conference held at Wells Fargo Securities earlier this month.

Talks about Intel’s new processors having special media acceleration capabilities have been flowing through the tech rumor vine for several weeks. However, there was no official word from Intel or any inside information on the same. Technology site CNET has now reported that an Intel vice president has confirmed not just the acceleration circuitry but also the much anticipated graphics performance boost.

CNET also managed to capture Smith’s talk at the conference on audio. In response to a question from a member of the audience, Smith said, "The other cool thing is dedicated circuitry for media acceleration. All of us in our daily use, whether it's home videos or photos tend to pull things from the Internet, pull things from our own capture devices at home, bring them on to our PC, transform them into different formats... all of that will be dramatically faster if one utilizes this hardware acceleration, media acceleration that we have on Sandy Bridge.

In addition to the media acceleration part, Smith also stated that Sandy Bridge will let manufacturers design slimmer notebooks that would match the performance of mainstream laptops. "It enables us to build a notebook with a sleeker form factor and potentially longer battery life and still get great mainstream performance," he said.

Talking about the chip that is to follow Sandy Bridge at the end of 2011 – Ivy Bridge, Smith emphasized that Intel’s plans for the platform are very much on target. "We're on track to develop our 22 nanometer with units in production by the end of 2011," he said. “Ivy Bridge is a shrink of Sandy Bridge with some enhancements," he added.

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