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Tweaking utilities have been around for a while and are widely used by overclockers and enthusiasts to get the maximum possible juice out of their graphics cards and chips. Graphics card manufacturer Sapphire seems all set to join the legion of such software suppliers with a tweak utility of its own.

The company has officially posted details of its upcoming TriXXX software – a special utility that has been designed for AMD graphics cards. According to the post on the company portal, TriXXX allows you to monitor the basic parameters of their graphics card and also tweak your chips to get them to run at faster speeds. While officially the software utility is only being released for Sapphire cards, you should be able to use it for almost all AMD graphics cards.

Among the features of the software listed on the site are included options that let you overclock your GPU core and memory clocks as well as control voltage and fan parameters. The utility will also allow you to monitor all necessary aspects of your card’s performance including temperatures, fan settings, driver and BIOS version. Additionally, the utility will support multiple GPUs, sit easily in Windows Sidebar Gadgets, and also allow you to define and save your own tweaking profiles.

The screenshots posted alongside the software show it to be an easy-to-use software that should catch the fancy of the overclocking enthusiast crowd. The beta is already available for download with the final version promised soon.

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