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Scythe Announces Kama Panel
The Japanese Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) is known for its functional solutions - with the Kama Panel 3.5", the cooling specialist presents a new product, which combines a multi-card reader with a 2-channel fan controller and the ability to connect S-ATA, USB and audio directly to the panel.

The integrated card reader supports all common storage media - whether SD / SDHC, Compact Flash or Memory Stick *: Simply insert the memory card and read it out!

The integrated fan controller allows an independent regulation of two fans over two control wheels with stylish blue LED illumination. For connecting the fans, 3-pin cables are included.

The Kama Panel 3.5" simplifies the annoying switching of headphone to speakers at the rear of the chassis. The audio ports for headphones and microphone can be connected directly with the front panel using the Kama Panel 3.5". In addition, it is possible to use one motherboard USB and one S-ATA port directly on the front.

The Kama Panel 3.5 "is now available for an MSRP of 21.00 Euro / US$ 27.00 excluding VAT.
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