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Official Press Release

Scythe Release the Ninja Mini

Scythe have been hard at work designing their new heatsink, the Mini Ninja. The Mini Ninja is a smaller version of the original, allowing it to be used in HTPCs and other types of small computers.

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the mini version of its popular fanless CPU Cooler, Ninja Mini CPU Cooler. This mini version of Ninja CPU Cooler is still powerful and silent, yet the biggest advantage of this mini version is its height being 115mm. The overall weight of this mini version is reduced to 580g (without a fan). Ideal silent cooling solution for your HTPC as well as living-room PC systems, to provide a silent yet powerful cooling without disturbing your living room environment. The supplied 80mm fan is running at 2300rpm, and generates an operating sound of 24.40dBA. Both 80mm and 92mm fan clips are included to better accommodate the cooling needs from various users! Versatile, compact size, and light weight heatsink to accommodate every user's needs for today's PC assembly!

Front image of the new Ninja

More infomation can be found at the Product Page.

Do you think that the new Mini Ninja will keep up with the orginal Ninja? Will be interesting to see for sure. Perhaps a review in the future to compare the two...

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