Scythe announces the "black-coated" and "copper" versions of the Kama Wing Ram cooler. Page: 1
Article <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> Posted 24/09/07
Author: Nic Crane
Source: Scythe

New Black and Copper coloured Kama Wings.

When we first saw the Kama wing design we'll be the first to admit that we were a little sceptical. Scythe obviously thought that they were on to something. So they have now announced two new Kama Wings. One being Black aluminium and the other being pure 100% copper.

In my opinion the copper wing is a good idea seeing as copper is a brilliant conductor. But I am not sure what they are doing with the black ones. 

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the "black-coated" and "copper" versions of its "original" designed Memory Cooler, Kama Wing. The design is originally made by the Scythe engineer to increase the heat spreading area as well as an "angled" design to minimize the interference with components installed on the motherboard. 2 thermal sheets are included to increase the cooling performance. Black version is all aluminum made with electroplated in black color & copper version consists of 100% genuine copper, and includes 2pcs (1 set) as a value for money package.

More infomation can be found at the Product Page.

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